[Tips] How to Plan a Trip to Japan

[Tips] How to Plan a Trip to Japan
[Tips] How to Plan a Trip to Japan

Want to know how you can plan your first trip to Japan? Or what you should prepare for an individual trip to Japan? Or you are looking for tips on how to tour Japan? Then look no further, but learn in this article how to plan a trip to Japan. In addition, I will provide you with an individual Japan tour calculator that will suggest a Japan itinerary for ~ 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

Let's take a closer look at this:

When should you travel to Japan?

First of all, you need to consider when you want to travel to Japan. The Japan travel time depends on the seasons, the weather, the holidays and your preferences: the Cherry blossoms in the spring, the Mount Fuji in the hot summer, the foliage dyes in the autumn or the dry and sunny days in winter.

Ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Would you like to travel in the low season or in the high season (March-April)? Outside the season, the hotels are usually cheaper...
  2. How important is the weather? From June to mid-July rainy season is in Tokyo/Japan. In July and August, you have to reckon with temperatures above 30 degrees. In September is the typhoon time...

Recommendation: If this is your first trip, the best way to travel to Japan in spring is to cherry blossom. If you are not clear with crowds of tourists, travel to Japan in October or November for the foliage.

How long should you travel to Japan?

The longer the better! You should not only explore Japan within a few days, as the country has a lot to offer. You've barely overcome the jetlag, then you have to fly back again. Think about how long you can get free.

Recommendation: At least 2-3 weeks for a first Japan travel plan.

How much money do you need for a trip to Japan?

Here too, the cost is strongly based on your travel style, the duration and especially the destinations, so which region you would like to travel to in Japan. It's best to ask yourself, what are your expectations? On average you need 1792 Euro + airfare for a 2 week trip to Japan and for 3 weeks 2452 Euro + airfare.

Recommendation: Always plan a little more, so that you don't have to do without anything at the end! By the way, you can calculate the average cost of the Japan Travel cost calculator.

How do you find cheap Japan flights?

Cheap flights can be found on so-called Metasearch engines, which browse all offers on the net. There you can select the date of departure and the airport flexibly. You should also check the airline's website. Sometimes there are cheap offers.

Recommendation: If you book at four months in advance, you should also be able to purchase cheap airline tickets.

How do you plan your Japan itinerary?

If your date of entry and departure is fixed, create a rough list of things you would like to visit:
  • Places
  • Fixed
  • Attractions
  • Restaurants
  • Museums
  • Shops/Shopping Centres

Would you like to stay in one place or do a tour of Japan? Do you want nature or culture, peace or action? But also a space for spontaneity. Cover yourself with guidebooks or read blogs to get ideas.

Recommendation: Read as many testimonials as possible, then you can quickly see which sights are really worthwhile!

Individual Japan Tour Suggestions

If this is far too expensive and time-consuming, you can also simply use pre-made Japan itineraries and adapt them to your interests. So that you can easily create your own Japan itinerary, I created a small database for you. It suggests a Japan itinerary based on the region and the duration:

Where do you stay in Japan?

Again, you have to ask yourself: What claims do you have? Large and spacious rooms in Tokyo are actually always expensive. Do you stay in an apartment (AIRBNB) or in a business hotel or hostel? If you want to save your wallet, you can also think about couch surfing.

Recommendation: For the first trip to Japan on a night in business hotels or apartments, you will be able to afford a quality hotel/Ryokan every now and then.

Is the Japan Rail pass worthwhile for you?

You also have to think about your means of transportation. This is where the Japan Rail pass comes into play, allowing you to easily explore Japan by train. However, you must first purchase it in Germany. The pass is especially worthwhile if you have to travel between major cities such as Tokyo, Hiroshima or Kyoto.

Recommendation: From a duration of 2-3 weeks throughout Japan, the pass is often worthwhile. Whether the pass is worthwhile for your route, you can easily calculate with the Japan-rail-pass calculator. For families, it is also possible to rent a car.

How do you get money in Japan?

Maybe you want to be safe and already have yen before your trip, but surprisingly you get yen at the cheap right in Japan. The best way to get a visa credit card from an institution of your trust is to pick up money at the 7-11 Konbinis ATMs. So you have the full overview of your costs.

Recommendation: Get a Visa credit card and pick up money directly from the airport in the arrival areas at the seven-bank vending machines (7-11) in Japan.

Do you need internet in Japan?

In Japan there are many free WiFi offers, which are only really something for savers because the speed is very slow... Especially in big cities like Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto you can get lost quickly or you won't find the restaurant, the train connection or the attraction.

Recommendation: As a Japanese traveler you should access a WiFi router so that you have Internet anywhere in the cities. For longer stays (from 1-2 weeks) I recommend SIM cards, then the costs do not explode.

What should you look for in your luggage?

Especially in Tokyo or Kyoto, you get problems with heavy luggage or big buggies, as there are no lifts or storage facilities everywhere. Travel with light luggage or a small suitcase. You can buy another suitcase in Japan.

Recommendation: On a penultimate day you can have your luggage sent directly to the airport for only 15 euros and you can check in completely relaxed.

How much Japanese do you need?

I can calm you down. In big cities like Kyoto or Tokyo, you get along well with English or hands and feet. Also, if you know important phrases and words, you have some more of your vacation. The katakana characters are quite useful for serving drinks and vending machines.

Recommendation: If you are only in the big cities, you only need a little Japanese, your hands, and feet. If you are going to land, then you should start learning Japanese.

What should you consider before entering the site?

Make sure your passport is valid throughout your trip. If no, take care of a new passport in good time. Depending on the citizen, the new passport may take 6-8 weeks! Also, check what you're allowed to take with you to Japan. For medications, you may only introduce a certain amount. Also, think about foreign health insurance.

Recommendation: Inform yourself exactly about the customs regulations. Shoot photos of important documents when they are lost, so you can quickly get them out!

Conclusion: If you don't know how to plan a trip to Japan now, then I can't help you either! Save this article and plan your first trip to Japan now!!!

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