Top Cities in Japan for Your Low-Cost Trip to Japan

Top Cities in Japan for Your Low-Cost Trip to Japan
Top Cities in Japan for Your Low-Cost Trip to Japan

Japan is a fascinating country with a unique culture that is not comparable to any other. In this article, our colleague tells about 5 Japanese cities that you will visit on your trip to Japan. You can also find cheap hostels in Japan!

Kyoto - Japanese Atmosphere and History

For those who are interested in the real culture and origins of Japanese culture, we will recommend Kyoto and not the capital city of Tokyo. This city has retained the original traditional atmosphere and here you will find many temples and other historical monuments. Visit Kiyomizu Temple, which is a huge Buddhist temple of wood, built without using a nail. Kinkaku Tempe (Golden Temple) is also not to be missed: This temple was built in the year 1397 and the surface of its wooden construction was covered with gold leaf. Ryan Temple is famous for its beautiful and quiet rock garden. Kyoto has not only kept monuments, here the traditions are respected! You can participate in various events, such as the Japanese tea ceremony or zazen (Zen practice). This city is home to most of the geisha that you will meet during your walk in the Gion district. Kyoto is the best Japanese city if you are interested in Japanese culture!

Tokyo - The Metropolis With Many Faces

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is one of the largest cities in the world with more than 10 million inhabitants. There's nothing you couldn't get in Tokyo. The whole world is at the feet of Tokyo. The conspicuous tourist attractions and the hidden places, which tourists rarely visit, will impress you. Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Roppongi are central districts of Tokyo and is suitable for everything: sightseeing, shopping, gourmet, nightlife, and so on. A well-known place is Kaminari Mon (Asakusa temple), Asakusa is understood as a symbol of Japan because of its famous large red paper lantern with the weight of 700kg. Visit Tsukiji Fish Market, which is a special experience for your trip to Tokyo. Here we will find a vast expanse of fresh fish and seafood, sushi, and many restaurants owners come here to buy fresh fish at a bargain price. The show is unique and will enrich your experience!

Osaka – The City of Japanese Cuisine

Osaka is the second largest city in Japan and is known as a commercial city. Osaka is also particularly appreciated for its traditional Japanese cuisine. Compared to demanding Tokyo, you feel more relaxed and will enjoy the urban atmosphere of Osaka. The residents of Osaka are very passionate and energetic, and their original culture is in harmony with this ambiance. Visit two important economic parts in Osaka, N ' Kita ' (i.e. north) and ' Minami ' (i.e. south). Kita area has a refined picture and you can stroll through the elegant shops and shopping mall or Midosuji Boulevard. On the other hand, in Minami, there is always something going on and you can take a look at the life of the locals of Osaka. There are many small shops here. In the Dotonbori district, you will find the best restaurants, from small restaurants with local specialties such as ' Okonomiyaki ' or ' Takoyaki ' too expensive eateries, bars and clubs. Also, visit Osaka's Castle Kaiyukan where one of the largest aquariums in Japan is located.

Okinawa - Something Else Japan

All those who have visited Okinawa say that this city is not typically Japanese. This is no wonder because Okinawa was to 1879 independent Kingdom U ' Ryukyu '. The culture, the customs, the ideology and even the people of Okinawa look really different. Visit Shuri Castle to get to know the original culture of Ryukyu, the architecture of the castle has nothing to do with Japan! Okinawa was ruled by the USA until 1972, and you can feel the influence of Japanese, American, and culture of Ryukyu here. The cuisine of Okinawa is unique and unusual also for the Japanese. Here you will find not only traditional dishes from Okinawa but also many "Japanized" American and Latin American dishes. The tropical weather and beautiful beaches with many natural parks and islands, beautiful and unique animals crown the Gesamteinruck of a foreign island in the middle of Japan. So if you want to experience a downside of Japan, come to Okinawa!

Fukuoka - Air and peace

Fukuoka is one of the quietest Japanese cities with a high quality of life. It is a well organized urban community with a beautiful environment to enjoy. The elegant center in Tenjin is the best address for shopping and there are many cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Fukuoka has a long bay, and it's nice to go for a walk. Gourmet will not be disappointed either, try "ramen" (Nudelngericht), buy them in the district of Hakata Tenjin in a ' Yatai '. ' Yatai ' are the mobile kitchens, where you can buy fresh ramen on the streets. In the evening, the residents of Fukuoka meet in Yatai to eat and entertain themselves.

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